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Aim Shrimp E Freeze Dried 45g Shrimp-E is rich in protein and fat. It is appropriates for feeding large sizes fishes or for color enhancing effect. vitamin E are extra that help to forestall chemical reaction of fat, vitamins and carotene, it conjointly help increase competency, and build up resistance against diseases. Shrimp-E is nature’s 100% top quality food for all aquatic fishes. The wild shrimp can solely survive in the clean water without any pollution, the shrimp are harvested life and in real time frozen to preserve the essential nutrients, the shrimp are then enriched with vitamin E and processed by freeze drying to ensure the nutrient, carotene and vitamins aren’t lost. Shrimp-E Analysis :

Max. Crude Fat – 6% Max. Crude Fiber – 18% Min. Crude Protein – 60% High Natural Vitamin E.



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