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Common Names: Noble Gourami, Frail Gourami


This is the largest member of the commonly-called Chocolate Gourami species and may be seen under the common name Frail Gourami as well as Noble Gourami.
Compatibility/Temperament: Best in a species tank; one or two pairs will manage in a 30-inch aquarium provided there is plenty of cover as males are aggressive.
Noble Gourami Diet

Larvivorous (feeds on insect larvae) by nature, it accepts most prepared foods. Frozen and/or live daphnia, bloodworms, etc. are advisable at least periodically.

Minimum Tank Suggestion

30 inches in length

The aquarium should be very heavily planted, with floating plants included to shade the light. Minimal water movement from the filter is advisable, and the tank must be well covered as this fish will readily jump. Very sensitive to water conditions and quality (in common with all the “Chocolates”), smaller and more frequent water changes are preferable to larger changes.