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HANA Aquarium Air pump double way / Two way + 4 meter air tube + 2 Air Stone+T-joint and 2 controllers


1 Pump / 6 meter tube / 2 air stone I give along with this two way Hana air pump as additional promotional items for you – airpipe 6 meters and airstones 2 nos.

You have to just fix the air pipe to the two outlets in the airpump and fix the air stones on the other end of the airpipe.

Put the airstone in the water and keep the airpump little above the tank you can enjoy your fish getting air and happily swimming for your delight.


1. Efficient, Low power consumption, Low noise.

2. Small size, attractive shape.

3. High polymer composite rubber air pump for long working life and reliability.

USE: Suitable for commercial aeration of aquatic animal environments



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