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Rated Voltage: 210V-230V
Rated Power : 15 V
Ozone Output : 380mg/h
Working Time: 0-30min
Weight : 1.2kg
GE ozone is a multifunctional sterilizer

1) Ozone can improve the indoor air quality,kill the bacterial, remo vepeculiar smell.

2)It can also be deodorization in fridge.

3) The ozone dissolved in water can be used to wash face,bathing,wash dishes,food and vegetables.

As a water purifier

sterilize and disinfects.kill virus, germs and bacteria’s.

Safer for babies and family

Fresh vegetables and fruits:

Eliminates pesticides and harmful chemicals from fertilizers and stays fresh.
Frozen Food:

Destroys germs and micro-organisms and preserves freshness

Sterilize and cleans skins surface.

Beauty and skin care

Another pipe and stone is given for fish aquarium to make it more healthier:

Ozone has been used in reef aquarium for many years. It is claimed to have many benefits, ranging from increased water clarity to decreased algae.

Reduces the hardness of water.

Kills bad bacteria present in the water.

Does not affect the fishes in anyways. It has been tested as well

While shipping live fishes from one location to another. This air can be filled up in the fish cover, which will help the fish to survive for 24 hours.

Note: This product has been used and water has been tested and approved as safe to drink by Chennai metro water corporation.
As a Air purifier

Using it for 10 min in Living, study,bedrooms,kitchen and corridor – eliminates smells and absorbs cigarette smoke and freshen air.