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Channa bleheri (rainbow snakehead) is a fish with snakelike head, and it is the most colorful species of snakehead

Temperature: 14 – 28 °C

pH: 6.0 – 8.0

Hardness: 36 – 357 ppm


Young fish can be offered chironomid larvae (bloodworm), small earthworms, chopped prawn and suchlike, while adults will accept strips of fish flesh, whole prawns, mussels, live river shrimp, larger earthworms, etc.

Young specimens can be maintained together but usually begin to display aggressive behaviour towards one another as they become sexually mature, although this does vary somewhat between individuals.

Females tend to grow larger and are deeper-bodied than males, especially when gravid.

Even though this species stay small compared to many other snakehead species, it should never be crammed into a small aquarium since it needs plenty of space to swim around in.