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Bodyguard Aquarium Power Filter AP2200F The Bodyguard Aquarium Power Filter AP2200F will help you to maintain crystal clear water in your aquarium at all times.

This power head filters has two outlets in it, which includes an inlet from where the impure water comes into the filter and an outlet which sends the purified water back into the tank.

The filter can be easily placed inside your aquarium with the help of the suction cups provided in the power head.

Bodyguard Aquarium Power Filter AP 2200F comes with a filter media that helps to perform optimal mechanical filtration in your tank.

This will help to absorb all the physical debris and dirt into the sponge media placed inside the filter that can be easily washed when dirty.

This will ensure that there is no physical waste lying in the aquarium.

This is integral for all aquariums. Dirt and physical debris can lead to murky waters in your aquarium, which will not only reduce the visual appeal of your aquarium but can be a fatal for all your fish and aquarium plants.