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Product Description:

Enhance the rearing water soluble gas. No noise, save electricity. Can be used with a cylinder, plug-in, do the front upper filter fine filter. Hassle comprehensive biochemical cotton filter large effect.

How it works:

Biochemical cotton filter with air pump as a power source, gas lift power, no noise, improve dissolved oxygen, a combination of mechanical filtration, biological filtration principle and the use of multi-level training of high-density nitrifying bacteria filter, to clean water and good stability, suitable for all kinds of ornamental fish breeding, breeding, young fish to develop, especially for discus fish, small fish, fry the efficacy of excellence. Note: Aquarium water before use to soak for 5 minutes, the easy-to-nitrifying bacteria form colonies. Rinse the sponge must use the aquarium water, do not use hot or boiling water.